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A Legacy of Success, Dedication, and Genuine Appreciation

When you speak with Thomas Kersey, you're not just conversing with a top real estate professional; you're connecting with a man deeply appreciative of life's stories, the intricacies of his craft, and the profound connections he forges with his clients. In an industry that can sometimes seem inundated with accolades and awards, Kersey stands out — not just for his impressive list of accolades but for the sincerity with which he approaches his work.

Kersey began his illustrious real estate career in May 2014 with Coldwell Banker. Over the last nine years, he has impressively generated a career volume of $136 million, with 2022 alone accounting for $49.3 million of that sum. A glance at his awards cabinet reveals accolades such as #1 Agent Companywide for three years, International Presidents Premier in 2022, and being a three-time honoree in the Real Trends America's Best list. Yet, ask Kersey, and he'll tell you these awards aren't just about the numbers — they represent the lives he's touched, the stories he's been a part of, and his relentless pursuit of excellence in his craft.

Before transitioning to real estate, Kersey worked in estate planning, asset protection, and probate at a local law firm. While the role provided meaningful opportunities to assist people during challenging times, he yearned for a path that would allow him to be in the public eye more and be endlessly challenging. Real estate offered that avenue. His passion for architecture and interior design combined with his innate ability to envision the potential in properties made him a natural fit.

He attributes his refined aesthetic sensibilities to his childhood. Even at the young age of five, Kersey was a stickler for immaculate spaces, often moving furniture around in his room to find the perfect design. Today, this meticulous attention to detail benefits his clients, particularly when he's handling "hard-to-sell" listings.

But what truly sets Kersey apart is his genuine appreciation for people and their stories. He recognizes that every home holds a unique narrative, and the opportunity to be part of these stories is what fuels his dedication. It's not merely about transactions for him; it's about connections. 

His past has played an instrumental role in shaping his present. Born in Savannah, Ga, and raised in the SC Lowcountry, Kersey's strongest influences have been his parents. The untimely passing of his mother, an incredibly successful and generous woman, served as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of expressing appreciation. His mother's legacy — one of integrity, accountability, and humility — and his father's resilience and love for family, serve as guiding forces in Kersey's life.

As an INTJ, a rare personality type shared by luminaries like Elon Musk, Kersey brings a single-minded drive to his business. His thirst for knowledge, combined with his innate characteristics of insight and logic, has been instrumental in achieving the success he enjoys today.

Outside of his career, Kersey is deeply committed to his family — his wife, Brittani, and their two children, Penelope and Julian. He's also passionate about mentoring the younger generation, particularly those who may not have had the easiest start in life. He believes in the transformative power of sharing wisdom and experiences, hoping to make a difference in the lives of others.

For budding real estate professionals, Kersey has a simple piece of advice: "Learn who you are, what you want, and pave your unique path." It's a mantra he lives by, constantly pushing boundaries while staying grounded in his values.

In summary, it is abundantly clear why Thomas Kersey is not just a top-producing realtor, but a beacon of sincerity and appreciation in an industry that desperately needs it. For Kersey, the journey has always been about more than just property — it's about people, their stories, and the wonderful tapestry of life.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • 2014- Coldwell Banker #1 Team Companywide
    • International Diamond Society
  • 2015 - Rookie of The Year Nationwide
    • #1 Team Companywide
    • International Diamond Society
  • 2016 - Top 30 under 30 Worldwide
    • International Presidents Circle
  • 2017 - #23 Advisor in North America from Engel and Völkers Luxury
  • 2018 – Coldwell Banker Top Agent Companywide
    • International Presidents Circle
  • 2019 – Coldwell Banker #4 Agent Companywide
    • Top 3% of All Agents Worldwide
    • International Presidents Circle
  • 2020 – Coldwell Banker #1 Agent Companywide
    • Top 1% Worldwide
    • International Presidents Elite
  • 2021- Coldwell Banker #1 Agent Companywide 
    • Top 0.5% Worldwide
    • Society Of Excellence- The Highest Award in Real Estate
    • RPAC Major Investor
  • 2022- Coldwell Banker #1 Agent Companywide
    • Top 0.5% Worldwide
    • International Presidents Premier
    • RPAC Major Investor
  • 2023- Coldwell Banker #1 Agent

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